Country Parkway Morning Annoucements!

Help CP!


Are you interested in sharing a video of your kiddos performing the morning announcements - social distancing style?  Please sign up for a date below if you want to be a part of this! 

Click the link below for the online schedule to volunteer for a spot. Right now we are doing MWF for the next two weeks.

If you sign up:

1. Print this document for each child and fill in the blanks.

2. Practice the script with your kids.

3. Video the script of your kids doing the announcements. 

4. Send the video to the night before your assigned date.

5. The PTA will review the video and if it follows the rules - it will be posted on our YouTube channel!


Thank you from the PTA.  Looking forward to seeing some great videos!

Click here for the on-line schedule.